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instead, she spent the night alone

training the laundry

14 May 1988
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I love my GSD Rem and my two rats Umphrey's McGee & Consider the Source.
I'm majoring in Animal Behavior & Minoring in Psychology

OHAI. Wez here from teh Rutgers Labs.

Thank you to quietghost for the beautiful wallpaper!!
alpha zeta, applied animal behavior, change it!, creeking around, cпать в oбнимку, days without food, elliott smith, invisible hand of hotness, kychakova, lake harmony, leaving them behind, mississippi-river-nosebleeds, nifki, non-existant-siblings, not fixing things, oh nevermind, portauthorityconfusion!!, radiohead, rem the dog, russian apple pancakes, snowboarding at night, solubility rules, split rock, the bus thing, the cure, the girl's teeth, the honda civic, thinking too loudly, valid arguments, Виктор Цой, Части прошлого, вoздyх после дождя